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Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
people and fashion people to raise money for his charity and children's charities. campbell,iend, naomi was organizing it, but it had gone horribly wrong in barcelona. that fitsan arena 20,000 people and about 4000 people had turned up. they didn't understand. there was some confusion. a lot of people bailed from the project. arrives, all my goodness, there is nobody there for him to make his speech. maybe they will be here by 8:00. we will wait. still, there was hardly anybody there. he has to leave -- wait, wait until it: 30. 9:00, surely -- sure enough there are a few more spaniards. it is not the fault of spain. there was confusion. , and there wast place,ge hangar of a empty. he goes, it is a great thing to have high expectations, and i had high expectations of coming to barcelona. we are staring at the ground. he looks at me and goes, you have more than exceeded my expectations, that you should leave your houses, leave your lives and come and see an old man and help him with his work. it is more than i could ever -- seating looking at this of 5000. low expectations. -- i guess tha
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
campbell toeing is on the situation in brazil. let's get an angle on this, and italian angle. this fromet more on the major shareholder of telecom italia. he's opposed to the company's sale of the brazilian unit. he joins us from milan to explain why. >> good morning. is a conflictat isinterest in this board -- interest. -- we wills has been be revoking the board which is an important passage of element to talk about brazil. this board will be free if we -- of this asset which we believe will be essential for the future of telecom italia. me through. you want to overturn the board one of your main gripes is the sale of this brazilian unit. what chance you have of overturning the telecom italia and board on december 20? that things have changed last month because telecom argentina has been forced to sell and also there is a convertible bond that has been done. some authorities here in italy are investigating. even iss isthat recommending the funds vote against these boards and provoke this ward. everyday passing by better and better. >> how might you think you have in terms of votes at the
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
campbell, a senior fellow at the council of , nelsonrelations mandela is a nonracial democracy according to the rule of law pt is the president of the consulates of foreign relations. ambassador, this moment has been a long time coming. what is the view forward? >> south africa was the beneficiary for two grateful things. first was the peaceful transition of apartheid to a new political system and his own willingness to live -- and to give up political power after one term as president. the problem has been since then, the challenge is institutionalizing them up or see, making it a viable economy. -- institutionalizing democracy, making it a viable economy. >> what could be a positive u.s. policy e we have paid lip service but is very tangible projection of washington to benefit south africa and the rest of the sub-saharan continent? >> absolutely. africa will grow south of the , five percent. i think the real possibility is with the growing trade to the u.s. market. we are beginning to see private investment, private equity, and other forms of investment going into south of the sahara.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)